Wandaufkleber Deko Bäume Herbst- 1622 Riesig nfosbi527-Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art

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Striving For A Safer World Since 1945

In November 1945, the Federation of Atomic Scientists was founded by Manhattan Project scientists who helped construct the first atomic bombs.

These scientists were united by the credo that all scientists, engineers, and other technically-trained thinkers have an ethical obligation to ensure the technological fruits of their intellect and labor are applied to the benefit of humankind.

Today, the Federation of American Scientists continues to strengthen its network of experts and thinkers to uphold its mission established in 1945: strive to make the world a safer, more informed place.

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Wandaufkleber Deko Bäume Herbst- 1622 Riesig nfosbi527-Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art

Wandaufkleber Deko Bäume Herbst- 1622 Riesig nfosbi527-Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art

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Wandaufkleber Deko Bäume Herbst- 1622 Riesig nfosbi527-Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art

Dandelion Growth Chart Wall Decal

If the Attorney General decided to withhold portions of the pending report of the Special Counsel, he might justify his decision by citing legal protections for grand jury information and for executive privilege. But there are exceptions to both of the …

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Wandaufkleber Deko Bäume Herbst- 1622 Riesig nfosbi527-Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art

Military contractors are such an integral part of U.S. military forces that “most military operations will include contracted support,” a newly updated Pentagon manual explains. In fact, “While some limited-duration operations, such as noncombatant eva …

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Tracking “Unobligated” Military Construction Funds

A new congressional tally of military construction projects that have unobligated fund balances turned up hundreds of current projects fitting that description. See “FY2017-2019 Military Construction Projects/Programs with Unobligated Balances.” Becaus …

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Noteworthy new publications from the Congressional Research Service include the following. Definition of National Emergency under the National Emergencies Act, CRS Legal Sidebar, March 1, 2019 Foreign Affairs Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Fundi …

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Adhesivo de Pared Decoración New York 069

Military tacticians use deception to induce an opponent to act against his own interests, or to refrain from acting when it would be advantageous. The theory and techniques of military deception were detailed this week in a new Army publication for mil …

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Adesivi cassonetto decocrazione Pesci tropicali 3228 Art déco adesivi

New and updated publications from the Congressional Research Service, some but not all of which are now published at crsreports.congress.gov, include the following. National Emergency Powers, updated February 27, 2019 Department of Defense Use of Other …

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The Russian military has started upgrading nuclear weapons bunkers at Engels Air Base and the Saratov-63 central nuclear weapons storage facility in Saratov province. At Engels Air Base, satellite images show one of two bunkers in the weapons storage a …

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Army: Domestic Ops Must Respect Constitutional Boundaries

The use of military forces to perform domestic functions — such as constructing barriers along the US-Mexico border — could pose fundamental legal, policy and administrative challenges. “Military forces operating freely within civilian jurisdictions ri …

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A new free trade agreement (FTA) between the European Union and Japan places the US at a disadvantage, at least temporarily, the Congressional Research Service said. The new agreement entered into force this month. The two trading partners negotiated w …

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Wandaufkleber Deko Bäume Herbst- 1622 Riesig nfosbi527-Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art

1000tc Egyptian Cotton 3 PCs Duvet Set+Fitted Sheet Full Size Solid colors

In apparent disregard of criticism from President Trump, two new Inspector General reports on aspects of the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq were openly published this week. “What kind of stuff is this?” the President had complained at a January 2 …

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